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SoRiKai at the beach.

Riku and Kai would totally gang up on poor Sora and toss his sleepy butt in the ocean, I swear.


My favorite pokemon are latinas and latinos image

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My KH3 wishlist:

  • Kairi
  • KaIRI
  • warrior kAiRi
  • kairi
  • sassy kairi

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My style tends to fuck about all over the place because I don’t draw often enough

so there’s that


Archetwist gameplay part 2. Weirdly, I find myself more drawn to Sokai in this AU than in canon. On the islands, they’d each harbor a slight crush on each other but in general be more interested in just having fun and being friends. But all the FF kids keep pestering them about it, particularly the fact that Riku is also part of their trio and is ~clearly~ the superior choice for Kairi anyway. Riku knows about Sora’s crush and teases him about it, but Sora kinda doesn’t get it and honestly thinks it’s becoming a competition for Kairi’s affections. When Sora sees his chance to whisk Kairi off on an adventure, he jumps at it. But Kairi of course realizes how completely sketchy this is, especially when she finds Riku in distress. Because while she may not be interested in him romantically, but they’re still best friends and he’s RIKU; he’s supposed to be stronger than anything! If he’s fainting and vanishing, shit is going DOWN.

As the game progresses, a lot of other characters make assumptions and are generally annoying about how Kairi is on a quest to rescue her ~boyfriend~. Which makes Sora even more upset because he buys it. Maleficent keeps reminding him that he’d better save Riku first, because if Kairi does it, it’ll be like a fairytale and they’ll for sure fall in love! Meanwhile Kairi is going hoarse from trying to explain to people that girls and boys are perfectly capable of non-romantic friendship and that she’s trying to find her guys because they are IN DANGER, not because she is hopelessly in love. (And even if she does kinda like one, that’s not the point and it’s not even the one you think!!)

GRANTED since this is my stupid AU they all end up in an OT3 by KH2 anyway. But.

Tarzan gazing at Jane + (looking at her like she’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen)

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I was takin’ a little smack about Kairi last night so my muse retaliated and fed me a bunch of Archetwist gameplay thoughts. I never can really tell what’s going on with her skirt in canon, but in this version she definitely has little shorts underneath. If you choose to “play” (spar) with Sora, he hesitates briefly but then agrees, assuring you that he’ll “go easy on you.” (He doesn’t. He kicks your ass.) If you do manage to beat him and the 3-on-1 fight with the FF characters, you can unlock fighting Riku. He’s essentially impossible to beat unless you spend hours hitting the other kids with a stick to level up an insane amount. The point is to emphasize how amazing he is, to explain why Sora and Kairi are so blindsided and flop around like stupid, easily emotionally-manipulated fish when he gets taken out. 

This kind of doodledump may or may not keep happening as I play through 1.5.

A+ Sora Moments

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